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Your Guide to Buying a Home

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Buying Your Home with Confidence

Look past the paint and take a journey to your perfect home or next investment… Elinor’s vast knowledge and creative skills will help you see the potential of each property you are interested in, giving you a wider view of what is possible.  We can help you buy any home, even those off-market advertised in the newspaper, on the internet, For Sale By Owner (FSBO), etc.  Transform your house hunting into a fun, exclusive showing of properties that meet your needs!

Elinor was 23 and Jessica was 25 when each purchased their first homes, and to both it all seemed like a big confusing blur involving stacks of paper and many signatures.  To ensure you receive a clear understanding of how the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place during your journey from house hunter to homeowner, we walk you through every step of the purchasing process.  You will feel confident learning the basic flow of a transaction, from mortgage pre-approval to close, including inspections, contingencies, underwriting, and the final closing/funding ritual.  Our favorite part of the process is handing you keys and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your official status as new homeowners!